New feature in search engine Google

New feature in search engine Google

Popular search engine Google. Now Google is the most important way to know the unknown. Search engines now deliver any information in the palm of your hand in a matter of minutes. This time the company brought an important update to that search engine.

Google also provides information on the results of searching for a topic. The result for this option is named about.

This option has already been launched in the United States.

The option about results can be found on the right side of the Google search engine. In other words, after searching for something, the results that come up are visible on the right side of the option.

According to Google, this feature allows users to get specific information about a topic without doing additional searches. This feature is available on desktop and mobile. Basically, after searching a topic on Google, the results that come out will give detailed information about the results or detailed information about that website.

How to get the result option?

First you need to google and search for specific topics. The result that follows is found one at a time on the top right of the three points. Clicking on the three dots will reveal detailed information about the results. Some important information about the decision-making website can be found in the decision-making option.

(Dhaka Times / 22 September / AZ)

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