Lauren Gilliron – “I will never eat my friends!”

Lauriane Gilliéron est heureuse dans le refuge SOS Chats de Tomi Tomek.


After working on SOS chats in Norway, the Voodoois actress took part in an “animal” interview.

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Lauren Gilliron is happy at the SOS Chats refuge in Tommy Domek.

Lauren Gilliron is happy at the SOS Chats refuge in Tommy Domek.

TR – SOS chats

A beautiful bond with the watch is established.

A beautiful bond with the watch is established.

TR – SOS chats

Dedication to the beast connected Lorian with Tommy Domeko.

Dedication to the beast connected Lorian with Tommy Domeko.

TR – SOS chats

Woodoys actress and Miss Switzerland 2005 was a favorable time for Lurian Gilliron (37). A proposal was made to her in a “completely unexpected” way that would give her a “good break” in her art career: as the co-host of the morning show on LFM Radio from 6 to 9 p.m., the actress agreed to sleep with the chickens.

This fall, he will star as Josie in the American film “Love on the Rock”. Now she wakes up at 4am on the weekends, which theoretically allows her to heal on the weekends, but last Sunday, she wanted to meet Tommy Domek, the founder of the SOS Chat Club in Lorraine Noira (NE).

“We have been friends since 2006 and she is very loyal,” says Tommy Domek. Their friendship seems unshakable and their complicity is strong: “When we talk about the cause of animals, biodiversity, human misery, we understand each other in everything …”, referring to the psoriasis of cats.

Their love for cats, they found in their respective grandmothers. Back in Brillie, Lauren Gilliron took part in an “animal” interview. What motivates the different races to start him so excited?


How nice to find Tommy Tomek, it’s been a long time coming! In my character, in my personality, I’m really a cat: I’m going to the other when I think, otherwise, you have to leave me alone … “


“Faith! I will have a dog when I get freedom … I will keep him during my shooting. A dog does not include obedience, but education: he must understand me, respect me, not hurt others.

The lion

“My zodiac sign! A lion is calm and quiet, but when he gets angry, beware! Like the king of beasts, I must surpass and surpass myself, but this feeling is not arrogance, it is not a departure from within itself.”


“Like all professions there are some in finance and cinema. But a shark raises for me” The Teeth of the Sea “(1975), a film by Steven Spielberg that still prevents swimming in the ocean today.”


“What work! What devotion! She spends her time and energy collecting pollen to make honey in the bee. Here is an animal I admire, a purpose in life, a duty, a profession …”


“I do not see it as a tool that works, but it stimulates energy. When nurtured, he simulates nature, unstoppable when he decides to jump. I feel helpless before him.


“My grandmother went crazy, to the point of calling them Friedolin I, then II, then III … I do not understand why her Gokoriko sometimes bothers me, she announces a new day, a future …”


“The countryside is all very smooth. The countryside and … Switzerland! Although the cow is smart, it is very pleasant to be near when going through the fields.


“An unfortunate man cannot defend himself on an equal footing during a bullfight.


“I will never eat my friends in my life. I’m a vegetarian! It’s said to be dirty and stupid when it’s unnatural.

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