Five pictures to see on MIBFF

Five pictures to see on MIBFF

Many hot topics such as cultural diversity, homelessness and racial injustice will be addressed in the 17th.e The edition of the Montreal International Black Film Festival (FIFBM) kicks off on Wednesday in hybrid form. As of October 3, more than 130 films from around 30 countries will be screened in theaters and online. Here are five you can not miss.

Raised fists

In the context of the Black Lives Matter movement, we have often seen athletes kneel in condemnation of racial inequality over the past year. However, this anti-gesture is not new among athletes. At the 1968 Olympics in Mexico, African-American athlete Tommy Smith raised his fist in the air in support of the fight against racism and caused a scandal. The documentary was presented at the FIFBM opening ceremony on Wednesday evening at Imperial Cinema Raised fists 50 years later, it looks back on the impact of this identity gesture.

Another paradise

Between 1963 and 1973, a small Creole community was expelled from the Sagos Islands by British colonial authorities. The reason? The main island of the archipelago has been leased to the U.S. military to establish a military base there. In the documentary Another paradiseBelgian director Olivier Magis describes the struggle of a generation of this community fighting for the right to return to the archipelago. Presented online.

Where are the blacks?

The question of screen diversity has been the subject of much debate in Hollywood in recent years, but also in Quebec. In the documentary Where are the blacks?Rocca Diallo, a French director and journalist, gives ground to many black personalities who tell of the difficulties they had in trying to find their place in the world of French television and cinema. Presented online.

The Forgotten Prince

After the Spike League a few years ago, this year will be the turn of the famous French actor Omar Chai (Lupine, UntouchablesReceive the Tribute Award from MIBFF. For the show, Omar Sai will be committed to the “open-minded conversation” that airs online. FIFBM also provides The Forgotten PrinceIn a family story, Umar Sai plays a father with a rich imagination who tells his daughter stories of heroes. Presented online and in theaters on September 26 at 9am at Cinema Pubian.

Under the stars of Paris

In the play by German director Glas Drexel, French actress Catherine Frode slips into the shoes of a homeless woman who comes to the aid of an eight-year-old immigrant (Mahmoud Yafa) in search of her mother. Presented online.

17the FIFBM runs until October 3. For more information about programming:

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