Who is the Kuwaiti superhero Ash Man bustling in the Persian Gulf? – West-France evening edition

Who is the Kuwaiti superhero Ash Man bustling in the Persian Gulf?  - West-France evening edition

You have to wait a while to download this Kuwaiti comedy on Netflix. For now, Ash Man is shown on a large scale on the screens of the Persian Gulf. And there is success. Who is behind this superhero?

Kuwait descends into super film production. (West-France chart)

Superheroes are all the rage, and the Persian Gulf countries are no exception. The last hero to be released from Kuwait Studios, The gray man Created about him. He is not a traditional hero Luke Marvel, not his reputation, above all he is from Kuwait.

Since its theatrical release on September 2nd, we have been eager to see this comedy featuring a Kuwaiti with incredible superpowers, International Mail .

What are you talking about The gray man ?

This is the story of Bashar, Bashar al-Jassaf, an ordinary family man, arguing with his wife, taking his daughter to his activities, working in a ministry and eating the much-appreciated ash, a bean soup and aromatic herbs in Kuwait. . But a scientist adds to the mix of his work.

Bashar, the man without stories will become a superhero. (Photo: YouTube / Doors Entertainment Screenshot)

Once swallowed, Bashar becomes a superhero who can increase his physical strength, move heavy objects, break down walls, and absorb electricity from anything that cannot be broken under normal circumstances.

This character reminds us of an American superhero wearing a red cape and blue tights, Superman. Despite 43 years separating these two journeys, the powers are almost identical.

“Something new”

The success of this film is all about producing “Kuwait” Explains the special site Manshavar . In the same article, Bashar al-Jassaf, the actor who plays the roleThe gray man, Agrees with this “Film is a new thing. The only Kuwaiti film to remember, Cruel sea, Dated 1971. “

Ash Man is a very powerful colorful superhero. (Photo: YouTube / Doors Entertainment Screenshot)

What about conquests across the Persian Gulf? “The cinematographic qualities of the film, The website continues. But because it has the first Kuwaiti superhero. ” The idea is to show the public that this is possible “Break them down because there are gender stereotypes in Gulf products.” To stand apart from more Hollywood products …

American inspiration

Although … site Mansoor, Sent by International Mail, Indicates that puts on humor “Clichs” From the superhero movie, fall into the trap “Conflict between Native and American.” We recognize cars and clothing found in Kuwait.

But the police and their interrogation rooms look straight from Hollywood fiction, and the hero’s house is visible “From TV Advertising to a Home.” ” In fact, it’s hard to let go of the Hollywood clichs when it comes to inspiration from Hollywood. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post in Kuwait.

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