Second week in NFL |  The crows needed it so much

Second week in NFL | The crows needed it so much

With their second defeat in two games Sunday night against Kansas City leaders, the Baltimore Ravens would have been in already turbulent waters. Thanks to Lamar Jackson’s fantastic second half, the Ravens signed off on their first win in 2021 instead. Derrick Henry and Tom Brady also stood alone in the second week of the season.

Miguel Bujold

Miguel Bujold

Lamar Jackson admitted that after his family’s victory, on Sunday night in Baltimore, Patrick Mahomes and Kansas City leaders were relieved of a pressure.

Jackson was responsible for the offense before the Ravens won 36-35 against the Premiers 0-3.

The Ravens destroyed a 35-24 deficit and were in excellent form when Jackson was the most important, as he started the game poorly, including two interceptions for Tyrone Mathieu. Jackson recovered and was stunned in the second half. Quarterback led the Ravens with 107 quick yards and hit two majors himself. He added 239 yards and a passing touchdown.

The first round pick of the chiefs was traded to them to tackle Orlando Brown Jr., who lost the ball in the run-back to Odaf Owe Clyde Edwards-Heller as the leaders went to the winning points in the dying minutes. After starting his career last year, Edwards-Heiler did not play well.

As the win came against powerful leaders and their list of injuries continued to grow, the Ravens’ victory was the biggest except for their appearance in the first two games of the season. They will visit Detroit and Denver straight before playing three home games.

Awesome riders

Photo by Philip G. Paveli, USA Today Sports

Las Vegas Riders hit a 61-yard touchdown against Henry Rux III (left) Pittsburgh Steelers.

Within a week of the Ravens’ surprise, the Las Vegas Riders beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh, 26-17, proving they were a much more advanced team than last year. Without running Josh Jacobs with an injured toe, the Steelers were relatively good with a tight-fitting Darren Waller (five catches for 65 yards) but Derek Carr was better than he was against the Ravens. For 382 yards he had 28 of his 37 passes, two touchdowns and no interceptions. The Steelers played without defense Joe Hutton and Devin Bush, losing to DJ Watt and Tyson Alou in the first half, but the Raiders offense was very impressive. Henry Rux III created the game’s biggest play, breaking the back of the 61-yard touchdown Steelers. Rux III (five catches for 113 yards) probably played his best professional game, and Hunter Renfro was also very good. The receiver gave his team some important first plays as he caught short passes in tight areas. In defense, the Raiders played with greater strength and intensity. In short, John Crouton’s team seems to be strong enough to fight for a place in the playoffs.

Henry goes …

Photo by Joe Nicholson, USA Today Sports

Derrick Henry (22) scored three touchdowns in the second half for the Tennessee Titans against the Seahawks in Seattle.

The Tennessee Titans’ aerial game was enhanced by the acquisition of Julio Jones, it goes without saying. Ryan Tanhill managed 27 of his 40 passes for 347 yards on Sunday in Seattle. But the team’s DNA hasn’t really changed: Derrick Henry, the Titans as well. Mike Wrapel’s list was in danger of starting the season with a 0-2 record, but the 2020 attack MVP took matters into its own hands. Henry hit three touchdowns in the second half and finished the game with 238 attacking yards (182 in 35 innings and 55 in 6 catches), allowing the Titans to win 33-30. The Seahawks led 24-9 after the first 30 minutes of the game, and it was not their habit to miss significant tracks. Despite players like Jamal Adams and Bobby Wagner standing alone for the quality of the defense, the Seahawks’ defense was without a solution in front of Henry. Very casually in his first game with his new team, Jones intercepted 6 passes to get 128 yards.

And 10 to Bucks

Photo by Jonathan Dyer, USA Today Sports

Tom Brady threw five touchdown passes in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers victory on Sunday.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have now won their last 10 games, including their playoff run. On average, they did it 14.3 points apart … Tom Brady and his teammates have scored at least 30 points in their last nine games. Everything is fine. Brady added five more touchdown passes in the Bucks’ 48-25 victory over poor Atlanta Falcons on Sunday with the longest season … Quiet in the first game of the season, Mike Evans hit two touchdowns, like Rob Kronkowski, who already has four hours left. Bucks ’offense could be catastrophic and even more so, according to Brady, as the team could play better after the win over Atlanta. On Monday, Bruce confirmed that the Arians had contacted senior Richard Sherman to see if Cornbach would like to join the current champions if given the opportunity. The Bucks will be in Los Angeles to face the Rams next Sunday, one of the few teams capable enough to compete with them. May be. Next week will be a long-awaited clash: Buccaneers and Patriots in New England.

Mac Jones is not playing like a newcomer

Photo by Vincent Corcietta, USA Today Sports

In Mac Jones (pictured), Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots seem to have discovered their quarter.

Brady continues to destroy everything in his path in bucks uniform, but patriotic fans can take comfort. In Mac Jones, Phil Belich and Bates seem to have discovered their future quarter. In his second game on Sunday against the New York Jets, Jones had 22 of his 30 passes for 186 yards. Nothing for dinner, but 15the The most recent draft-draft chance was 73.9% of his shots so far, which is significant for a new football. He made two other new players, currently starting quarterbacks for their respective teams, Trevor Lawrence (Jacksonville Jaguars) and Zack Wilson (Jets), not: he defended the ball. Wilson finished the game against the Patriots with four interceptions and had five games in two games, the same total as Lawrence, who has managed only 50% of his passes since the start of the season. Jones, he has yet to throw an interception and is playing with the balance of a quarterback with five seasons of experience. Two weeks later it will be very interesting to see how he acts against the Bucks and Brady defense.

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