JJ Reddick announces his retirement! | NBA

JJ Reddick announces his retirement!  |  NBA

A week before the resumption of training, JJ Redick announced on social media that he had decided to retire. At age 37, he played in the NBA for 15 years, and unfortunately, his last season was very complicated with the first part of the season he spent on the bench and Pelicans hospitals, and finally a part of the playoffs before he was sent to Dallas.

This summer, he announced that he was taking his time to find a club and did not plan to attend training camp:

I am in no hurry to make a decision for next season. This is my feeling at the end of the season (Last), I feel the same way today. We will decide for next season – which team, which city, etc. – In the next two or three months. At some point this season, I join a team and try to finish the year and get the title. This is the plan.

“I started playing basketball 30 years ago, on a bumpy path in my garden, made of dirt, gravel and grass.”

Finally, he chose not to go to the end of his program, and he left the NBA without a ring on his finger, but a model team player and a strong shooter with 41.5% career and 10 seasons. In a row of 10 points or more. Just like Dwight Howard in Orlando or Joel Empit in Philadelphia, the best shooter with the best interior. Also, he is part of the most closed club of the most talented and most talented 3-point shooters. There are only four players in the top 20 in these two divisions: Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Kyle Corver and so Redick.

“I know it’s time for me. It’s time for me to be a father.” He explains in his message. “It’s time for me to be ready for this new phase of my life.”

We will also remember his Duke career as the best player in the NCAA, but his classic series of 13 consecutive seasons in the playoffs with Magic, Clippers and Sixers. Unfortunately, his departure from the Pelicans with a two-year contract will end his series, pushing him to leave above all else.

“First team. Last team. So thank you for everything in between. Today, I am officially retiring from basketball. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey and my life. It was on this ground that my dreams began to take shape.

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