iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8 and TVOS 15 are here: what’s going to change

iOS 15, iPadOS 15, WatchOS 8 and TVOS 15 are here: what's going to change


Cupertino has used its updates and is concerned with all of its products. iOS 15 should come with a share of its welcome improvements.


IOS 15 is finally available on compatible iPhones. So you need to go to settings to download the latest version of Apple’s operating system. Not all features are directly accessible, but it will not last long. Often as usual, American wants to upgrade on as many devices as possible, and recalled a list of relevant smartphones. As you can see, the iPhone 6S was released in 2015, and it is still there: it may be its last update.

Sharing above all else

This version should obviously bring more stability and performance while minimizing the impact on the batteries. Of all the new features in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, Apple places the most emphasis on partitioning. We told you about this during its detailed presentation at WWDC 2021. This translates to a more advanced function in FaceTime and Messages. The first now supports audio spatialization, which helps to restore voice voice. You can send the link directly to connect to the chat (end-to-end encrypted), even from a Windows or Android device. An “isolation” mode allows the background noise to be heard better, while a grid presentation helps to identify the speaker. You can use a portrait mode to blur the background.

iOS 15 will greatly improve FaceTime for many.  Apple

iOS 15 will greatly improve Facetime for many. Apple

As for messages, exchanged links and pictures are now in the new section “Shared with you”. One can also reply from any application without returning to messages. Memoji lovers will enjoy the new clothes and stickers. Collections of photos taken with the news will now be displayed in a very aesthetic manner, like a photo gallery.

Overview of what's new in iOS 15  © Apple.

Overview of what’s new in iOS 15 © Apple.

Shareplay was eagerly awaited, but the functionality will finally be available after a while. The latter allows you to enjoy your movies, series or music at the same time as the person you call on FaceTime. For now, SharePlay works with home services, but not with some third-party services like Disney + or Dictoc. Apparently, the US company opens its API, which means other companies can offer SharePlay in their apps.

Notices have also been redesigned and a very brief summary of the most important can be obtained according to the defined schedule. New focus patterns, streamlined for sleep or work, do not overwhelm you with information as you focus.

New presentation of the Apple Map.  Apple

New presentation of the Apple Map. Apple

iOS 15 also introduces an automatic translation function similar to the Google Lens. The latter allows you to extract text from photos or screen shots and present them in your language. Maps, photo and weather applications also have a small graphic facelift.

Smartwatches and TVs attract attention

The update for the company’s watches is less important. It focuses specifically on wellness and sports, now offering more training types. Integration with the iPhone is even greater. The watch supports the new Focus mode and offers a new app for contacts.

For its part, TVOS 15 now allows multiple homepage minis to connect to the Apple TV 4K, which can be used as default speakers. The latter supports audio localization for the Airports Pro and Airports Max. You will understand the biggest news worries of all iPhones and iPods.

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