Fernando Tottis Jr. looks distracted in San Diego

Fernando Tottis Jr. looks distracted in San Diego

In recent days, we have not stopped seeing the decline in the San Diego Patress rankings. The club was first captured by the Reds, then the Cardinals and finally the Bilies.

The goal was to create playoffs through the front door by winning the division. But right now the club have more than 20 games to lead their division, which is a big disappointment after raising expectations. Raised In the off season.

What explains the defeat of San Diego Patros? In fact, there are many factors.

This includes injuries. Yes, there are a lot on all teams, but that’s not to say the cycle is going well in San Diego these days.

Fernando Tadis Jr. is a player who, by the way, should be targeted … it’s not because of his performance.

After all, he has a chance to win the MVP nationally.

But the problem is different. Right now, the player’s attitude to certain things seems to be in question. This was the basis of his fight with Manny Machado, who reminded him on Saturday evening that the world was not around him.

It also sheds light on athletic events.

What did he do the day after the event, having lost to St. Louis’ direct rivals in the playoff race? The center fielder threw a regular ball.

It can be said that it is not in the habit of the house …

For me, the (big) problem starts in San Diego.

As I wrote earlier, I am afraid that Tottis Jr. is not on the same wavelength as Patros when it comes to his performance and his position on the pitch. Right away he was pushed from side to side on the pitch, which clearly affected him.

Soldiers lose despite high expectations. Dadis Jr. is becoming more and more distracted by Peters, who saw him as a force to be reckoned with in the club’s playoffs later in the season. There seems to be a big ego issue going wrong this time around as the club wants to win – not fall because of their star.

This has the effect of seeing them drop in the rankings. Their chances of making the playoffs are dwindling due to the performances given on the pitch and the city environment.

Screenshot: MLB

Also, I have not yet talked about the rumors that want it Soldiers should fire their manager Due to this mess at the end of the season.

So no, Patress looks like a team with no chance to make the playoffs.

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