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For this new academic year, Cario du Temple has decided to focus on Australia during its festival Food Temple ! The perfect opportunity to discover this goal and its incredible Shrub food : A Journey From the Heart of Haut-Maris to the Other World, Thanks for the presence of dedicated chefs, artisans and makers.

Food Temple Australia

Good weather will last in Paris this September but solutions need to be found to extend the summer a bit by lowering the mercury … find the answer in the heart of the Marais this weekend Food Temple of Australia ! In the project? Workshops, primary classes with Australian and Native chefs, even stopped by a French or Australian producer. Cario du Temple in other words beats to the tune of Australian and Native cultures The Shrub food.

What is “Pushfood”?

When we want to know more about the origin of the products we consume, to ensure their production and harvesting method … Shrub food (Food Bush) An example! The Shrub food Subject All spices, plants, animals … used for food in Australia. If the country is known for its paradise landscapes, its vast expanses and its explorations, this weekend we also have a remarkably inspiring gastronomic scene that we will be happy to rediscover!

The Bush Domestic and The Bush Australians have many treasures to share with us. In aboriginal lands, more and more cooks prefer to cook according to principles Shrub food I.e. put in front and Incorporation of aboriginal elements that have been on Australian lands for about 60,000 years into modern cuisines. Earth is a fresh and respectable food, so surprise yourself and you will find (and taste) this weekend!

Our favorites: the opportunity to tilt the farm kitchen and our French kitchen with a little bush meal!

Food Temple Australia Rodney Tons
Rodney Dunn and Severin Demanet / © Australia

If Tasmania reminds you of a particular devil, know that this area in South Australia can offer us a lot in terms of gastronomy. Agricultural kitchen. This Australian Culinary School promotes the concept “From Farm to Fork” From A small village called Lachland. Rodney Dunn, a former food critic and his partner Severin Demanet, has renovated an old building to make way for an old farm school. Shrub food That’s the queen! Here, everything allows you to go back to the roots of localism and gastronomy. Demonstrate how couples can move from their land to the dining table without the need for fireworks or importing anything.

In case Food Temple of Australia, Saturday, Sept. 25 is Chef Rodney Dunn’s first class from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. At that point he will reveal the secrets of making lamb chops Salt bush And Tasmanian pepper berries (Pepper), Served with its winter salad.

Something that will stimulate your appetite and increase your culinary creativity But engage in reverence as the landscapes of Tasmania also attract attention. A great lesson in life and cooking: How to value land, get the best out of it and integrate it into contemporary diets while maintaining the environment.

Your guide to Australian cuisine

During the Australian Food Temple at Cario du Temple, Many Australian dishes and products are served to taste : To make the most of this event, Weaver Paris offers you to win coupons here !!

During your digestive walk after the festival, don’t forget to check it out Remnants of temporary Near the Cario du Temple!

More info
Food Temple Australia
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Free admission

Friday: 7:30 to 11 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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Photo by A: Carreau du Temple February 2014 © Fernando Javier Urquijo BD


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