Beyond the Stage: A new exhibition dedicated to Amy Winehouse in London

Amy Winehouse a déjà été mise à l

Various items belonging to the singer who died in 2011 will be on display at the Design Museum from November.

Ten years after joining “Club 27”, The subject of a new exhibition by a singer with jazz and soul influences. after that Jewish Museum In 2017, look back at the London Design Museum Amy – Beyond the stage From November 26th. Opportunity to celebrate “The world is a cultural symbol lost very quickly” . Amy Winehouse is said to have celebrated her thirty-eighth birthday on September 14th.

Amy in the light, The latest exhibition to date, ended on September 14 in London. Unseen photos by Bill Griffin Describes his collaboration with Winehouse as the two artists worked together on the album Black again In 2006.

“Global Icon”

The exhibition should allow “To explore the creative process, powerful music and a musician’s memorable style has ignited a unique path between jazz and RNP., According to the organizers. Amy – Beyond the stage He will provide the audience with a notebook, handwritten words, and undisclosed intimate material such as photos. The iconic blue fender, electric guitar, will be on display, the website says Design Museum. The costumes worn by the artist will undoubtedly attract fans, like the yellow dress from Breen’s house associated with a mosino bag in the shape of a heart. In this outfit, Amy Winehouse won the Best British Female Artist award at the 2007 Brit Awards.

The exhibition was born out of a collaboration between the London Museum and the Winehouse family. The latter took the advice of Naomi Barry, a former stylist and close to Amy. “I was determined to do an exhibition dedicated to Amy because I had a front row seat when she became a global icon.”, He said in a press release. Above all, he wants his late friend to be blushing. Amy’s portrayal focuses on the negative aspects of her life. This exhibition will show the audience all that he has achieved and highlight the incredible mark he has left on the lives of his fans all over the world.

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