Ash Mann, the first Kuwaiti superhero in history, conquered the Gulf countries

Ash Mann, the first Kuwaiti superhero in history, conquered the Gulf countries

Released in early September in several Gulf countries, The gray man Humor about a Kuwaiti man with incredible powers. Never seen in cinema, success is guaranteed.

The Kuwaiti film was released on September 2 in several Gulf countries The gray man “Cinema enthusiasts speak”. Not just for its cinematographic qualities, but because it stands out “First Kuwaiti Superhero”, The site writes Manshavar.

Directed by Abbas al-Youssef, the comedy tells the story of Bashar, a normal, vibrant family man who turns into a superhero who can use electricity after eating. Gray, A bean and herb soup is very popular in Kuwait, in which a scientist combines the composition of his work.

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“This movie is new” Actor Bashar al-Jassaf, who plays Ash Mann, explains. The only Kuwaiti film to remember, Cruel sea, Directed by Khalid al-Zedik, underlined, 1971 Mansoor, Despite the picture In paradox, Published by Hamad Al-Sarraf on Netflix in 2019 (but not accessible in France), Experience “Somewhat successful”. The news site continues:

This is why the movie ‘Gray Man’ surprised everyone. Professionally produced Kuwaiti science fiction film: Kuwaiti audience never seen in theaters.

Half Kuwait, half Hollywood film

Positive point, work “Bringing together a generation of actors who want to break gender stereotypes in Gulf productions”, Writing Manshavar.

However, for the site, this family joke, it puts “Clichs” From the superhero movie, fall into the trap “Conflict between Native and American”. We recognize cars and clothing found in Kuwait. But the police and their interrogation rooms look like something out of Hollywood fiction, and look like the hero’s house “A home in a TV commercial”For example, the site condemns.


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