Were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs so angry with each other? – Life

Were Bill Gates and Steve Jobs so angry with each other?  - Life

Apple’s late founder Steve Jobs and one of the richest men in the world, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, have known each other for 30 years.

in the beginning Bill Gajets He praised the work, he wrote him a letter, which he kept when he said it, when he died. However, a match soon ensued.

The acquaintance begins with the work that Gates came up with to turn him into Apple software.

“It was a strange visit, then Steve said he really didn’t need us and he was doing better, but he tried to sell his product. The way he acted, he said he didn’t need us, but he said he could put us in business,” Gates later said. .

In the 1980s, Steve Jobs wanted to develop Microsoft software. Bill did not accept this. Their collaboration ended in 1985 when Microsoft released the first Witno. Steve then accused Bill of stealing.

Eventually, they both stole the interface from Xerox.

“I think it’s very accurate that the two of us had a rich neighbor Xerox. I wanted to break into his house and steal his TV set, so I can understand that you took it before me,” Jobs Gates explained.

Since then, there have been public provocations.

“Steve Jobs was fundamentally weird and unusually damaged as a man,” Gates said.

“He didn’t know much about technology, but he had a sense of what worked. Did you know that Jobs had no idea about technology? He’s a great salesman. He knows nothing about programming and 99 percent of what he says and thinks is wrong,” he added.

Even the man named for the black roll he always wore was not indebted to him.

“If he takes the LSD here and there or goes to the ashram in his younger days he will have the width he needs. He is basically unimaginative and finds nothing. That’s why I think he’s more comfortable with philanthropy than technology,” Jobs said.

That’s it, he said Bill GajetsThroughout his innovative life he stole the ideas of others.

“The problem with Microsoft is that they have no taste. At the same time, I think they are not in a dangerous style. They have no original ideas, they do not bring culture into their products,” he said at the time.

Gates, on the other hand, accused him of being a manipulator and an ignoramus.

“I was like a little magician because he would ‘say magic words’ and I would see him hypnotizing people, but since I’m a little magician, spells don’t work for me,” he said.

However, he admitted that he wanted to be like him.

“I look at people and see that they are magical. I was so jealous. Steve Jobs He is a genius, “he added.

He also once mentioned the fact that Jobs was fired from Apple in 1985, but he returned victorious in 1997, twelve years later. Without returning, he pointed out that this company does not exist today.

No one can do what he did there anymore. “I could not do it, I do not know anyone who could do it,” Gates said.

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