The United States will reopen its borders to all vaccinated international travelers

The United States will reopen its borders to all vaccinated international travelers
The United States announced on Monday that it would reopen “in early November” after twenty months of closing US borders due to Covit-19.

America recognizes, from “In early November”, The White House announced on Monday that all foreign travelers will be allowed to enter their territory on the condition that they be fully vaccinated against Covid 19, CNN and the site confirmed the information. Politics.

The country will need trials three days before the trip to the United States, wearing a mask, and a contact tracking system will be set up by the airlines to gather information that will allow them to be contacted, said White House Epidemiology Coordinator Jeff Giants.

The “Travel ban” Thus will be in practice for almost twenty months. Since March 2020, the U.S. border has been closed to millions of international travelers, especially from the EU, the UK or China, before it was closed to India and Brazil. This is true whether they are tested or vaccinated. Enough to create painful personal and family situations.

The European Union announced on August 30 that it was withdrawing restrictions on non-essential travel from the United States to its territory, but offered member states the opportunity to lift the ban on those who have been fully vaccinated.

Jeff Giants stressed the decision to sell submarines to Australia in a highly tense situation between France and the United States. “Commanded by Science”.

Tests before and after arrival

In his opinion, Washington has taken the time to create a global system “Individuals” And there are no differences in treatment depending on the country of birth. Jeff Sciences did not immediately specify which vaccines would be approved to allow passenger entry.

Joe Biden, co-ordinator of the fight against the epidemic, noted that unvaccinated Americans returning to the United States after staying abroad would still face stricter testing duties. They should be screened the day before they return and re-tested on American soil after they arrive.

The White House has tightened its tone in recent weeks and has augmented announcements that federal officials will vaccinate where it can be purchased. For now, however, it has not made one of the most drastic decisions in its power to vaccinate domestic aircraft in the United States.

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