“Prisoner of the Desert”, “Fugus”, “Cormentes” … TV show of the week

"Prisoner of the Desert", "Fugus", "Cormentes" ... TV show of the week

Sunday, September 20, at 9:05 a.m. on France 2


A young woman crashed into a car. When she wakes up in the hospital, police recognize her as a woman who went missing eleven years ago. Commissioner Victor Eberhard, despite being pregnant, takes the matter into his own hands …

Our opinion: A thriller with a captivating storyline that breaks the codes of the genre. He is served by great actors, including Thibault de Montalembert, who excels in his quest for truth and his desire to do justice.

French series directed by Karim Overt, with Clotilde Goura … (2021)


Tuesday, September 21, at 9:15 pm on C8

Prisoner of the Desert

For many years, the long hunt for the South that drove out the Indians who had massacred his family and kidnapped his daughter-in-law …

Our opinion: A classic masterpiece, a masterpiece of the West that can make the most of changing landscapes, including the mythical monument valley. John Wayne, then at the peak of his life, had a bitter, violent and racist nature, which he exposed himself to more than grieving humanity.

John Ford’s American film … (1956)


Monday, September 23, at 9:05 pm on TF1

Ran away

Interested in dance, Leah wanted to join the Paris Dance Conservatory. As a teenager, she wants to free herself from parental authority. When the latter denies her a weekend in Amsterdam, she decides to run away …

Our opinion: A notable short series on an important social topic, and hosted by notable actors. To

French series produced by Jerome Kornov … (2021).


Friday, September 24, at 8:55 p.m.


In July 2020, the Comedy Franchise team learns that it will not be playing Gourmandes, The most anticipated piece. Despite this decision due to the Covid 19 epidemic, the cast decides to continue their rehearsal for three days.

Our opinion: In front of Honora’s camera is Panachi and skill, which jumps wonderfully here, turning a stroke of fate into a master stroke. He truly invites us to join the troops, with a good level of self-mockery, without always taking ourselves seriously.

Christoph Honor’s French Drama Comedy … (2021)


Chowdhury selection

Already available on BroadX

We are female accessories

An impossible situation, yet … Five women, all Muslims, one of whom wears a burqa and smokes hash, the other, tattooed and screaming behind her microphone while sacrificing on her guitar, decided to set up a punk group to listen to her. In all. Including their relatives, in the country of their birth, Great Britain.

Our opinion: Behind this series is Nita Manzoor. Because remember his name We are female accessories Just flawless. The angry, funny, insane series that destroys your nerves triggers you to cry and, after a second, burst into laughter. It swallows and it wants a sequel. Quick! Quick!

Nita Manzoor, Season 1 Series, Anjana Vasan, Sarah Camila Impee, Fight Omol … 6×25 Million (2021)


Already available in Salto


Among immigrants, wtienne Lantier leads the minority uprising, whose wages have been slashed …

Our opinion: While waiting for the next broadcast France2, In the context of the class struggle, this adaptation of Sola’s novel is interesting: sets, games, pictures … everything breathes new life into exceptional quality and a definite timeless work.

Sequel 1 series by David Horrick with Louis Perez, Theory Goddard, Alex Poison, Guillome de Doncotech … 6×52 min. (2021)


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