NFL players pile up controversial teasing fines: “You never know when you might be happy”

NFL players pile up controversial teasing fines: "You never know when you might be happy"

NFL has decided to focus on making fun of the 2021 NFL season. As expected, two weeks after the campaign began, the decision to do so made waves.

In the second week of the season there were several questionable jokes in the league. These calls provoked the anger of players, coaches and fans, but most did not affect the outcome of the game.

Part of the problem with the penalty was that the players and coaches wanted to know why each penalty was awarded. Officials did not elaborate much on what was acceptable and unacceptable on the pitch, which led to some disappointment.

Here are some notable teasing calls and reactions from NFL Week 2 games.

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The provocative appeal of Dashan Gibson

Gibson whistled one of the first provocative sentences of the day in the Bears’ victory over the Bengals. The Bears’ defense after a broken pass during the first practice of the game praised Bengal wide receiver Ja’mer Chase. Gibson blew the whistle for a 15-yard penalty that kept Bengal’s offense on the field, however they failed to score.

After the game, Gibson said he “didn’t really understand” why he was punished for the game and that he was not a fan of fate.

“I didn’t say much” Gibson is a dit. “I applauded because it was a great game on the third try, it inspired my guys, it’s the energy you play with those guys. I do not want to be there for my guys if they can not be happy when they do great games. This is just adrenaline. It’s just adrenaline.”

Gibson did not like the call but always admitted his regret for being fined.

“This is an expensive man. It’s something I can’t do. Put our team in third place and it’s hard to leave the field.” Gibson is a dit For journalists. “I apologized to them. It’s not my character, but you know, this rule is a better line now. I’m going to greet them first. “

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Jordan Akins fined for teasing

Akins caught Davis Mills’ first career finish against the Browns on Sunday. Texans’ tough decision has been a common occurrence in the NFL for decades.

He was flagged for making fun of him as he spun the ball too close to the Browns defender’s face.

Texans coach David Galley was not in the call and in post-game excitement. Unlike Gibson, he could not get an explanation for why he was fined.

“They called it a joke. They said it was a joke,” Culley said with a shrug. “There’s no other explanation than the joke. Making fun this year is a big priority. It has been, and today we have clearly discovered how important it is. “

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Levi Wallace’s call for teasing

Wallace had a good pass break in the Pills-Dolphins game. The buffalo corner game celebrated over the dolphin defender’s head and seemed to say something to him as he walked away. It raised the flag of the authorities.

Wallace finished the last word. He then intercepted a play from Jacobi Preset.

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Punishment for mocking DJ Reed

The Seahawks had a seven-point lead over the Dyhans when DJ Reid broke a pass sent in for Julio Jones. Reid’s play prevented a touch, and he was excited after the play.

Reid celebrated by waving in the direction of Jones. The referees ruled that it met the ridiculous definition.

The Titans eventually failed to move up to fourth in the race, but the call was not well received by the Seahawks.

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Calling Jared Cook a joke

Cook hit what looked like Chargers’ touchdown. He celebrated his score by swinging the ball on the ground in front of the Dallas defender and moving the “feed jack” type in front of him. It drew a flag.

However, the permit became unimportant. Chargers were called for an illegal change in the same play. The cowboys accepted the punishment for questioning the touch. Dallas could not accept the mock sentence after Cook was touched. Accepting it would have allowed the touch to catch.

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