Gerrit Cole made a bad trip … at the wrong time

Gerrit Cole made a bad trip ... at the wrong time

Yesterday, Gerrit Cole had to get a big trip to the Yankees against the Cleveland Indians. The game takes place in the Bronx and the pressure was at its height.

Results? He collapsed.

In 5.2 innings of work, the goal gave the Indians at least 10 wins and seven on the way to an 11-1 loss.

So he received “New York” treatment when he saw his own supporters provoking him as he left the field.

Did Robbie Ray cost him against Sai Young?

It is known that the goods were not delivered to the main party. He was not criticized for provoking the fans because he knew it was not optimal to lose that game.

At what point? Right now, the Yankees are out of the playoffs.

The Red Sox is one more game than the Blue Jays and the Blue Jays are one and a half games in New York. The latter is two and a half games away from the home playoff game for the best second game.

Screenshot: MLB

Eight clubs in the United States have at least 80 wins and only three clubs in the nation have surpassed this bar … and it is a little crazy to see that three clubs (Milwaukee, Los Angeles and San Francisco) have at least 90 wins.

No, now is not the time to lose the Yankees.

10 e some
  • The Quebec team’s season is over.
  • Nice gesture of Mookie Bets.
  • Blue jays are respected.
  • Aaron Loop wants to stay in New York.
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