Down with the King – Diego Ongaro

Down with the King - Diego Ongaro

Note: An African American (Freddie Gibbs), wearing brand new sportswear, fur coat and sandals, noticed a rooted tree near a beautiful secluded house near a forest. After speaking rudely, he returned. He can be seen helping a side farmer (Bob Tarasuk) cut the pig carcass.

Review : That man is money merck, the famous gangsta rapper in search of inspiration. He rented a large detached house in Massachusetts to compose music for his new album, which was commissioned by his producers. He pulls out his belly, with his old man, who was already an aging breeder. But, against all odds, he gets caught up in the game and enjoys the activities of the farm: feeding the animals, bringing them into their enclosure …

Anyone who wants to buy a chainsaw to cut down dead wood will meet a very simple but firm seller (Jamie Newman).

Combining two worlds that normally ignore each other, its time-consuming story slowly leads the composer to discover a new world unknown to him and appreciate it. The locals do not know the work of the famous rapper. His face did not tell them only what they had seen of him in the media before.

Normally, the film fights for a well-being coexistence, without falling into comfort or emotion. Beautiful pictures of the Massachusetts landscape in the fall also contribute to the beautiful balance of the film.

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Freddie Gibbs, the lead actor, rapper in real life, brings real depth to his character with the boundaries of depression, and gradually loses his determination as a beloved musician to discover the difficult but healthy functions of the countryside he lacks. Clumsy newbie.

We are already indebted to French filmmaker Diego Ongaro, who lives in the United States. Pop and trees (“Bob and the Tree” 2015), set in the same rural American state, and the lead actor Bob Tarasuk, a non-professional actor, can be found here.

The film was presented in the ACID section of the Cannes Film Festival and won the Grand Prize at the Deauville American Film Festival.

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