Between the US administration and Saeed, “business as usual” despite US and other pressures!

Between the US administration and Saeed, "business as usual" despite US and other pressures!

President Gaius Saeed’s declaration of a state of emergency and related actions, widely criticized inside and outside Tunisia, do not appear to have prompted the Biden administration to move to an end. The “punishment” logic is preferred and demanded by US lawmakers. Instead, the White House and the State Department exclusively selected diplomatic pressure and sent all kinds of ambassadors to Tunisia, entrusting the Tunisian head of state with the task of putting an end to the effects. 25, i.e. the removal of the head of government, finding his successor, restoring national representation, the suspension of its House of Representatives (ARP), and the dismissal of representatives and the loss of immunity.

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In all likelihood, this is the maximum that will give the impression that the US executive wants to hear. Furthermore, it maintains its cooperation mechanisms in a number of areas, particularly through its development agencies, USAID and MCC (Millennium Challenge Corporation).

According to the African intelligence base, the two companies continued to carry out their plans in Tunisia because they had to engage in it, without realizing the political situation in the country, or forming a government. On September 10, USIT donated $ 11.5 million to its secular organization in Tunisia Comonics, which is responsible for managing projects that support small and medium enterprises for the recovery of the sector. Support reforms for tourism and finance and administration.

For its part, the MCC last August awarded a second tranche of funding to Canadian engineering firm Norda Stlow, which last year contributed to the implementation of the project. This is the most strategic achievement of the country’s main port, which is constantly challenged by administrative issues and political and trade union controversies.

MCC plans to pay $ 330 million for the purpose of modernizing the port by raising the bar, stipulating that he would invite a foreign partner for port management in conjunction with the public company, the Tunisian company of Talking and Handling (STAM).

Even security cooperation

Tunisia-US cooperation has not been interfered with in the defense sector in the absence of the defense minister on the Tunisian side, which has prevented many orders for US equipment, especially related to the purchase of surveillance drones. As the State Department continues to fund the construction of the Enfita Police Academy by Turkish company Postemiral, the judiciary is moving through the old scheme to provide connected surveillance balloons. This notice is included, 1There is September, agreement to renovate the National Guard Academy of Oy Sarka.

All of these plans provide evidence that the administration has not complied with pressure from a number of US politicians, including Democrats Ilan Omar and Chris Murphy. U.S. Administrator. At least for now.

In this regard, US senators discussed the possibility of stopping donations to Tunisia. Chris Murphy threatened to stop subsidizing Tunisia.

“The Tunisian president has declared a state of emergency, which should end soon,” Murphy told reporters after a meeting with Saeed. “We spent about two and a half hours with the president on US concerns about the president’s reluctance to form a new government and end the state of emergency.

Murphy recalled that the Senate had approved US $ 197 million in aid to Tunisia proposed by the Biden administration. This was on July 23, two days before the announcement of the Saïed to freeze the ARP. Murki recalled that the Biden administration had sent a delegation to President Saeed to invite him to appoint a head of government.

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