The Woolly Month Resurrection Project receives $ 15 million in support

The Woolly Month Resurrection Project receives $ 15 million in support

Many believe that our future lies in space, where people will one day live in the entire solar system.

Armed with knowledge, some scientists want to bring back ancient animals. The question arises, which we know very well from Jurassic Park: Do you want to do something if you can?

Space exploration has now led to technology that defines our daily lives. What can we learn from the possible success or failure of reviving living things?

It’s a subtle balance – and as we’ve learned, life finds its way.

Back to the future

The Scientific efforts to revive woolly manure, Which disappeared 4,000 years ago, has now gained 15 million.
A team of geneticists led by George Church at Harvard Medical School imagines a giant figure Again, strolling in the natural environment.

The goal is to use genetic engineering to create a living hybrid of elephant and mammoth that look like wool mammoth. Proponents of the project hope the monsters can help restore the Arctic tundra ecosystem and protect the endangered Asian elephant, a close relative of the woolly mammoth.

This bold plan is fraught with ethical concerns. Some scholars question whether we know how to do this – the essence of such a commitment is great. But the idea of ​​approaching a once extinct creature is confusing.

We are a family

If you have ever wondered what our stone age ancestors wore, think of Flintstones furs. The real proof was less when people started wearing clothes.

Researchers have discovered skeletal tools used to process animal fur in a cave in Morocco. These artifacts date from 90,000 to 120,000 years ago, and may be the oldest alternative source of clothing in archeological records.

Neanderthals are likely to struggle with cold temperatures, but at the time the climate on the Atlantic coast of Morocco was mild.

That is, clothes made of sand foxes, golden foxes and wildcats Maybe it’s decoration and elegance For practical reasons. Yapa Tippa Doo!

Despite the attraction

Civil Inspiration 4 Team on September 15th.  It exploded from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.
The This is the first trip to Earth where only tourists live in orbit Inspiring SpaceX4 was released Wednesday night It flies higher than the International Space Station Because it orbits the earth.

The group includes a self-made millionaire, a cancer survivor, an educator and a Lockheed Martin employee. The crew will fall on a Florida beach on Saturday.

With the usual short space travel like jumping in an airplane, SpaceX hopes to be the first of many similar cruises that will shape the future.

The release coincided with Yom Kippur. The History of observing religious practices in space These are actually decades and full of rich jokes.

Will turn green

A new challenge related to the climate crises that happen every day. Every year in Antarctica a hole forms in the ozone layer Larger than Antarctica now. Unprecedented extreme temperatures They occur frequently and affect our health.

There are no quick fixes to these problems, but researchers are solving them creatively.

Scientists have been training pots to combat the environmental impact of animal waste. Yes cows.

When animal waste enters the soil, the ammonia is converted to greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. But cattle are smart and want to be treated. You will be amazed at how much During the study the cows were pleased to use the toilet during the tri-training session.

A long time ago

A female spider and her egg bag were caught in Burmese amber.

Ancient discoveries allow us to understand various creatures that lived earlier than humans, and sometimes even to see their behavior.

Drop of wood glue About 99 million years ago, female spiders and cobwebs became entangled in amberThe mother spider always shows the most visible protective protection.
It is ruined The tail feather is 150% longer than the body He may have been a clumsy pilot, but the shiny feathers may have helped him find a pair.
Sometimes the secrets of history are hidden inside an organism – like Prehistoric artifacts are found deep in the stomach of this large crocodile. The researchers were able to identify an interesting story of the elements.


You will not believe with your eyes:

– அ Wonderful gold mask It appeared 3,000 years ago and is one of hundreds of monuments dug from sacrificial pits in southwest China.
– This is fantastic Brave rainbow insect She was given a name that would make her a celebrity celebrity. Oh, fly.
– These are A game dynamic experience It helps people travel in deep space – and students created it.

Don’t forget to see the full harvest moon on Monday night.

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