Submarine crisis: London defends its approach

Submarine crisis: London defends its approach

In a column in the Telegraph, the new head of British diplomacy did not mention the tensions with France and spoke to the world about the post-Brexit UK position.

Britain’s new foreign secretary, Liz Truss, has defended London’s approach to security deals with Washington and Canberra. Paris was outraged after Australia canceled a mega-submarine deal.

The British diplomat wrote in a statement that the agreement “shows the UK’s commitment to safeguarding our interests” and “our commitment to the security and stability of the Indo-Pacific region.” Sunday, September 19.

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom on Wednesday announced a strategic partnership, including the delivery of US submarines to China, AUKUS and Canberra.

Australia’s decision to cancel a deal to buy 56 billion euros worth of French traditional submarines for US nuclear-powered ships has sparked outrage in Paris.. President Emmanuel Macron recalled the French ambassadors to Canberra and Washington in an unprecedented gesture.

Speaking on the France 2 television channel on Saturday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Trian spoke of a “serious crisis” and condemned the “duplicity” of Canberra and Washington. Paris, on the other hand, considered it unnecessary to recall the French ambassador to London, and joked about England’s “permanent opportunism”, qualifying the country as “the fifth wheel of the coach”.

In his column, the head of British diplomacy did not mention tensions with France in any way, and put forward the slogan of a “global Britain” in place of the post-Brexit United Kingdom, dear to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He described his trip to the United Nations next week as “the beginning of autumn, Britain will put its flag on the world stage”, citing the big conference on climate, COP26, scheduled for November in Glasgow.

On the Times Radio, its chairman, Alok Sharma, expressed concern over the attacks on French Foreign Secretary Clement Beyonc அவர், who spoke to Washington about London being an “accepted way”.

Alok Sharma said, “I do not see that we have the status of our charm.” “As for France, we have other alliances that bind us very close in terms of security,” he added.

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