PayPal cryptocurrency purchase service fully launched in the UK

Le service d’achat de cryptomonnaies de PayPal est entièrement déployé au Royaume-Uni

PayPal confirms UK rankings

PayPal confirmed Friday, September 17th Full deployment of its crypto service in the United Kingdom. Users are now free Buy, sell and hold 4 different cryptocurrencies, Directly from their account.

The UK is the second country to access these services since the grand launch in the US in October 2020. The solution does not have a large number of cryptocurrencies because there are only four of them: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) et Litecoin (LTC). UK customers can purchase these cryptocurrencies using their bank account, PayPal balance or bank card.

PayPal does not charge customers for saving its customers’ cryptocurrency. However, The company uses trade fees 0.5 GBP to 1.5% for purchases under $ 25 for changes above 1000 GBP.

PayPal crypto fee

Charge table usedPayPal UK

PayPal wants to expand its crypto services

PayPal relies on blockchain infrastructure provider Paxos To manage its functions related to cryptocurrencies. This suggests that the company may rely on Paxos to handle integrations with third-party wallets, but that it could build the infrastructure with the help of Curwin, a cryptocurrency policing service acquired by PayPal earlier this year.

PayPal also plans other services dedicated to cryptocurrencies. In the coming months. In fact, the US company wants to launch a “super processor” with some crypto functions, announced PayPal CEO Dan Sullivan

“We continue to be satisfied with the speed we see in cryptocurrencies, and our best processor will have functionality in this area.”.

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