Los Angeles Clippers have a new home: the Indus Dome

Los Angeles Clippers have a new home: the Indus Dome

The Los Angeles Clippers, an American basketball owner who runs the NBA, now has a name for their future arena located in the vicinity of Ingwood: the Indus Dome. The announcement of this new name coincides with a 23-year (!!) strategic partnership formalization between Los Angeles Clippers and Intuit Inc., an American company that aims and manages management and accounting solutions for small businesses, accountants and individuals. Solutions Turbobox, QuickBooks And Debt karma Among others.

As part of this partnership, the Los Angeles Clippers will have a new arena with the Intuit Dome, which on the one hand is capable of delivering an innovative experience to fans and consumers but above all, a ” Center for Solutions for Local Actors to create and implement projects that bring economic prosperity and well-being to local people.

Before the work starts, you can find out in the video below some of the innovations that this announcement is waiting for the design of the new stadium and the general public.

Below is a presentation and a brief description of the innovations that can be found in the IntoTome:

  • “The Wall” (“Le Moore”) : On the east side of the Intuit Dome, “The Wall” consists of rows of 51 unrestricted seats, with a section dedicated to standing train seats and supporters to provide a continuing source of energy. ” We brought sound experts to the forum to help improve our acoustics, so the wall is not only a passionate fan section, but also an architectural marvel. The spokesman for the rights says.
  • Hollow board: A halo to pay tribute to Angelenos (Los Angeles people). ” We have created the largest arena dashboard we have assembled to ensure that fans get the experience of watching the match simultaneously and the hollow board. The two-sided hollow panel will have 44,000 square feet of LED lighting, from 7,000 to a common arena, and more revenue, more videos and more advanced statistics than any scoreboard in the world. Analytical team working with Die Liu (Editor’s note: Head Coach of Clippers) for pre-match reports. ⁇

Beyond the arena, Induit will expand and expand its “Prosperity Center School School” program, which targets finance and entrepreneurship, and will pay $ 1 million to schools in “poor” areas over the next 3 years. Intuition also promises to organize free events to help local taxpayers complete their tax returns. Satsen K. Kudarji, CEO of Intuit, Inc., said “We (with Los Angeles clippers) are aligned with the importance of focusing on the future and the well-being of our community as our fans and consumers try to make their daily lives easier through technology.”

So, around Indoit products, expect to see and discover a lot of products and marketing activities from QuickBooks to TurboTox, MailSimp to Credit Karma. In addition, fans and consumers visiting Indooth will be strongly encouraged to purchase on-site using the Credit Karma Money service. This location will not be open until the end of 2024, But the partnership begins right now, though local communities, the Staples Center, the owner’s current stadium, was shared with other owners in Los Angeles, such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ Los Angeles Lakers.

“I like Damn’s opinion” Said Steve Palmer, general manager of the Los Angeles Clipper. “It gives a lot of energy and vigor. We’ve trying to create a new basketball mecca here and that report to the world of basketball and the sport is about building a dome, the Indus Dome.

With this formalization, the Indus Sports speaker is entering the world of naming, and the California-based brand has had many opportunities over the past decade. But Sasn Goodarjee, CEO of Intuit Inc., said the decision to pursue discussions with the Los Angeles Lakers stems mainly from the need to “align the company’s work with the sports company.” “Our goal is not to put our name on a building, we have already had this opportunity in the past.” Sasan Kudarji said. “It is important for us to invest in a project that makes sense to fans and consumers, and that technology can play its full role in improving the daily lives of local people.”

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