Kevin Cosman plays heroes with his staff

Kevin Cosman plays heroes with his staff

Kevin Cosman was not the opening batsman for the San Francisco Giants yesterday, but he beat the Atlanta Braves 6-5 in the 11th inning.

Cowman came into the game as a substitute late and pushed teammate Brandon Crawford home with a sacrificial ball.

From the start of the campaign, the 30-year-old pitcher was used by his team to beat his teammates, but not his batting prowess. According to him, this is the fourth RBI of the season.

Like a metronome since April, the Giants are happily heading to the plateau of 100 this season, recording their 96th win yesterday.

The two leading faction teams engaged in a fierce battle throughout the evening, in which the Western leaders won.

A total of eight wins and half four goals in the Giants game. Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, Lamont Wade Jr. and Donovan Solano all played hard against the Braves pitchers.

On the losing side, Travis de Arnaud (3) and Adam Dowell (2) scored five points for the Braves. The Atlanta receiver hit his seventh home this season in the ninth inning.

The two managers led the real competition in the National League. In total, pitchers aside, both teams used a total of 26 players, 11 for the Braves and 15 for the Giants. Cape Kepler had the talent to allow Cosman to play the hero at the end of the game, thus raising the crowd at Oracle Park.

In this kind of competition, we are allowed to fully appreciate the difference between the two leagues. If it becomes customary for all major teams to win the selection, we will lose that little chess page that adds to the charm of the game.

Let us know how to make full use of the work of the leading figures in the nation and often the courageous decisions.

Meanwhile, the Giants are positioning themselves as a real surprise in the big league baseball this season.

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