Cocseti: Internet and Mass Media:

Cocseti: Internet and Mass Media:

Airboat wireless headphones can be used to listen to other people’s conversations. An unusual wire tapping route was revealed by user Talila Mou Hip Tic Tac Toe-Rollers.

To do this, in the Phone Settings menu, you need to go to the “Control Center” section and select “Configure Element”, the blogger said. Management “. You have to scroll to the end of the menu that appears and click the blue” Hearing “icon.

By clicking on it and connecting the headphones to the device, you can hear everything going on around the iPhone while in another room. “So now you know you can spy on your boyfriend and spy on your friends. Do whatever you want with this information,” the woman said.

Formerly a blogger from London Revealed Special poses that his colleagues use for photos on social networks. In the footage posted on the network, Cessie King caught herself in a gray track suit with a crepe top and leggings. With the help of proper posture and body position the woman showed how her figure changes.

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