AUKUS: US-Australia “friendly attack” on France – counter-attack with Paris on agreement with India | The world

AUKUS: US-Australia "friendly attack" on France - counter-attack with Paris on agreement with India |  The world

His nations have now taken on the role of “firefighter” AUKUS – USA, Australia, Great Britain- To quell French anger after the announcement of their alliance, and mainly to cancel Australia’s submarine order 54 billion from France.

The move led to a French retaliation with Paris, which recalled its ambassadors from the United States and Australia. Meanwhile, this afternoon, Paris announced its cooperation with India.

Paris counter-attack

Its Foreign Minister France According to the French Foreign Ministry, the two countries agreed with its Indian counterpart to co-operate in the project to promote “truly multilateral international order”.

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Jean-Yves Le Trian and Subramaniam Jaisankar agreed by telephone to deepen their strategic cooperation based on the “relationship of political trust between the two major Indo-Pacific states.”

At the same time, the French Minister for European Affairs, Clement Bonn, criticized France 24 television, particularly Australia and Great Britain, and called it “the time to act as Europeans”.Strengthen our strategic and defensive capabilities. He criticized Australia’s decision to cancel the nuclear deal with France in the interests of the United States and the United Kingdom, calling it a “serious breach of trust in Australia”.

This could lead to the cancellation of other agreements with Australia because “we can no longer move forward without confidence and we can no longer see how we can trust our Australian allies.” As for Washington’s position, Clement Boone criticized Britain’s neighbors, saying he had been “dependent on the United States” since leaving the EU. So we have to act as Europeans and strengthen our thinking, strategic autonomy and security capabilities, Pan concluded.

This development comes a few hours after France Recalled its ambassadors from the United States and Australia After Canberra canceled a multi-billion euro deal to supply French submarines, it concluded a defense agreement with the United States and Britain in the Indo-Pacific region.

At the request of the President, I decided to immediately recall our two ambassadors to the United States and Australia for consultation in Paris. This extraordinary decision is justified by the extraordinary seriousness of the September 15 announcements in Australia and the United States., He said in a related announcement Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Trian.

The French “explosion” occurred after the Canberra agreement with Washington and London (AUKUS) Supply of nuclear-powered submarinesIt canceled a $ 54 billion deal to buy conventional submarines from France.

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“Following the decision to breach its commitment to buy French submarines, France does not see that Canberra can be trusted in EU-Australia trade talks,” he said. Undersecretary of State for European Affairs Clement Bonn.

The United States “gilded” the pill after the French reaction

In an effort to control French anger, a foreign ministry spokesman said The United States has always regarded France as a ‘key ally’.. “France is a key partner and our oldest ally,” he said, adding that “we attach the highest value to our relationship.” Countries in New York next week.

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Axus: At the G7 summit in Cornwall, the deal for nuclear submarines was “shot” behind Macron’s back.

At the same time, White House official “The United States regrets France’s decision to recall its ambassador from Washington,” he said, adding that “they will continue to work in the coming days to resolve differences between the two countries.”

Friendly “attack” from Australia

We regret that France has recalled its Ambassador to Australia. His spokesman said Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs In the press release issued. Australia respects its relationship with France (…). “We will seek to re-engage with France on a number of issues of mutual interest based on the values ​​we share.”Included in the announcement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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What about London?

So far, France has not officially mentioned London, the third part of the AUKUS agreement and Paris’ anger seems to be focusing on the US and Australia, while the British government has not responded. AUKUS.

However, according to Reuters, the French diplomatic source said that the United Kingdom had acted in an “opportunistic way” in connection with the agreement between the United States and Australia, which resulted in the cancellation of the Canberra agreement. With Paris. To supply ten billion euros worth of French submarines to the Australian Navy.

The same diplomatic source claimed that the UK government “incorporated this agreement in an opportunistic way”. “We do not need to understand the situation with our ambassador in Paris (in London) and make decisions,” he added.

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