Apple unpacked the iPhone 13 with something else

Apple unpacked the iPhone 13 with something else

Technology company Apple is introducing a new one IPhone Introduces the series and changes the designs of smartphones. New, recently launched and not falling off the agenda, IPhone 13 One of the notable announcements about this series is the box of phones. IPhone 13 Changed the packaging of the series. Last year, with the removal of the charging adapter and earboats, it was much thinner IPhone Boxes appeared. Apple introduced the new technology on September 14 this year. IPhone 13 Removing the plastic coating around the box of the series will cause a further change in the packaging.

Apple took something else out of the iPhone 13 box

Information has come out about the box of the iPhone series that will start pre-orders in Turkey in the coming days. Apple IPhone 13 In its series, it seems to have replaced not only smartphones but also boxes. According to a post shared by Weibo IPhone 13 The boxes in the series will not have plastic packaging.

The removed plastic wrap is a tear glued to the lid of the box. Paper Will be changed by the path. This will ensure that the contents of the packaging box stay in place without slipping and damaging. Further Of the box This will act as a seal indicating whether it has been opened before.

The use of plastic was discontinued

In Apple’s keynote address this week, IPhone 13 It announced that removing the plastic coating from its cans would “save 600 metric tons of plastic”. Contributed to the reduction of plastic use Should be Seen as a good result. Apple plans to remove all plastic from product packaging by 2025.

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