After Australia and the United States, there was a rift in the relationship between France and Switzerland

After Australia and the United States, there was a rift in the relationship between France and Switzerland

The French ambassador to Switzerland, Frederick Jarnes, asked for an interview as soon as possible. Received a few days ago at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bern, where the President’s message was sent to its speakers “Anti-Corruption”, Step Sunday newspaper Zurich, which reveals information on Sunday, September 19th. Content of the message: Guy Formalin, the current president of the Swiss Confederation, no longer applies to the call for a “working meeting” in Paris in November.

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The diplomatic crisis with the United States and Australia was not limited to the abandonment of French submarines in support of US nuclear equipment as part of the new agreement. . The French president, Emmanuel Macron, is very upset against Switzerland, here again the arms deal that France lost is in the form of a fight. In early summer, Switzerland opted for the US F-35 stealth fighter aircraft over its French rival, the Dassault Aviation Rafale.

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Torque tricks

According to sources familiar with the matter, this is a less final outcome than the Swiss negotiation procedures that annoyed Paris. Until the end, details of the deal, such as what Swiss Defense Minister Viola Amherd will compensate, are said to be yet to be developed. Paris made important concessions, Mr. Macron also provided some kind of support to Switzerland and the European Union in its difficult situation. Because, on May 26, the Federal Council unilaterally put an end to negotiations with the European Commission in Brussels in the form of a new partnership. However, according to several commentators, the Ministry of Defense in Bern had long known that the choice of the new Swiss Air Force device was ultimately unfavorable to Raphael and therefore had nothing to discuss.

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The decision to slam the door in the face of the president of the Swiss Confederation, with another, less symbolic, but more worrying to Swiss diplomacy. Until the summer of 2022 Paris will no longer want any high-level bilateral relations with Bern. The move is unusual and not only the relationship between the two countries, but also the chairmanship of the Council, including France, between Switzerland and the European Union from the 1stThere is For January and six months.

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