2021 Emmys presenter Cedric The Entertainer talks about reluctance as a comedian due to today’s “Hypersensitive Society”

2021 Emmys presenter Cedric The Entertainer talks about reluctance as a comedian due to today's "Hypersensitive Society"

With today’s cancellation culture in mind, Cedric The Entertainer prepared for his set show at 2021mm.

The 57-year-old will be the head of the multi-character Sunday night star-studded show. In a new interview, he noted the importance of changing his position in order to function better in today’s “hypersensitive society”.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the “neighborhood” executive producer said he did not miss the opportunity to cancel a comedy.

“Today, it’s out of bounds, isn’t it? It’s not bad if you’re on the front page for a few days, but you do not want to be the guy who wastes the night or someone’s time,” he said. “At the same time, you have to be yourself. As comedians, we are a tightrope trying to entertain people. But, again, we live in a sensitive society. Sometimes you just don’t know where that line is. She moves day by day.

EMMYS 2021: Best Nominated TV Series

The 2021 Emmy Awards will take place on September 19 in Los Angeles.
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He explained why he was changing his attitude and compared the risk of creating humor on a national stage these days to writing an “English newspaper”.

“You have your humor, and then you look at the words and think about how you can change them. I’m a mom or” a mom? “Make sure the humor lands in the way you say what you want to say – but it’s not necessary to point it out to someone specific.”

The artist, on the other hand, whose real name is Cedric Antonio Giles, said that it is sometimes more appropriate to be as specific as possible when delivering stage jokes to a national audience.

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“If you want to say something specific, be more specific. Talk about one person, so this is not a common joke. You have to be careful not to make general statements or an entire group can jump on them. Twitter and turn your life upside down,” he said. .

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Cedric The Entertainer was announced in July as the host of the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards.
(Photo by Greg Decure / Getty Images)

The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards are the second time in history that a single African-American has presented them. First Bryant gang, store notes. Cedric called the statistic “absurd”, but begins the series with the hope that it will not only “make a difference” but also delight audiences.

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“The attitude you have to handle anything these days is that people have unlimited choices about what to do with their time,” he said. “So if you run Emmys, I have to make sure you do not want to change channels.”

“I’ve noticed, on the sites I have, this idea of ​​leadership – a lot of people are trying to do things. I don’t know when I became that kind of OG godfather, especially when it comes to black comedians, but I like to talk about change. Things happen in this business I want to. And I have a voice, so I’m going to see if I can make a difference. I’ve seen myself as a performing artist before. ”

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The 2021 Emmys will take place on September 19 in Los Angeles. Many streaming services like this year Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video And Hulu Received many nominations.

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