There will be no American series in the top 20 in France by 2020

There will be no American series in the top 20 in France by 2020

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For the first time in more than ten years, no foreign series will appear in the top 20 of the most watched fiction on television in France in 2020, and this year France Télévisions has risen to the detriment of TF1.

Until 2016, half of this list – read every year since 2009 – was made up of American and British fiction, according to a study presented at the La Rochelle Fiction Festival, recalled by the High Audiovisual Council (CSA).

Also from 2017 to 2019, two to three American series (“Good Doctor”, “Manifest”, “Swat” …) have been fighting the French fantasy for French fantasies since 2015. Imported series.

“Generation split”

If TF1 dominates the charts, the fictional “Why I Live” received the best audience, and his television film, inspired by the life of Gregory Lemarchall (8.3 million viewers), is now “most importantly composed,” according to the French Télévisions, CSA.

“Captain Marlio” (2nd), “Maidress n Chorus”, “Crime Dance L’Herald”, “Candice Renoir” … There are a total of 13 fictions in the French television rankings (including eight for France and five for France) 2) More than seven, and much lower than TF1.

Once again this year, the prize list is dedicated to the detective series.

But “the top 5 most popular viewers on screens other than television (smartphone, computer, and tablet)” in live or replay, “reveals more Filton fiction, drama and / or comedy, touching with shorter forms”, underscoring the CSA.

The daily TF1’s Christmas episode, “It All Starts Here”, thus comes in first with 308,000 viewers, while France 2 Series “Ten Percent” (276,000 viewers) preceded the other, “La Flame” (Canal +), 273,000), 272,000) and “Tomorrow is ours” (TF1, 236,000 viewers).

“Overall, consumption in digital” looks very different from “consumption in television”, which certainly confirms the “generational division” in the audiovisual landscape.

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