The first “Anne Frank” center opened in North America. – Israel Valley

The first "Anne Frank" center opened in North America.  - Israel Valley

Anne Frank House opened this month Its fourth partner site, And the first, impossible place in North America: the former home of alumni of the University of South Carolina in Colombia.

The Anne Frank Center at UofSC, along with partners in Buenos Aires, Berlin and London, will host educational programs and exhibitions designed to showcase Frank’s life and heritage in the area where some educational institutions are located.

Yes Frank House began its partnership program as a way to spread its message to communities that could not or could not visit the museum in Amsterdam.

In 2017, the state of South Carolina made headlines, revealing that the new social research standards for K-12 public schools did not mention the ‘Holocaust’. According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, the state does not yet require teaching in Holocaust schools. The 2020 Holocaust Awareness Survey among Millennials and General Z Americans found that 57% of South Carolina youth could not name a concentration camp or ghetto, and nearly half saw the Holocaust decay or denial online.

In 2018, the university began work to make the Annie Frank Center a reality, customizing the 1,060-square-foot area of ​​Barringer House on campus. The center houses the many permanent installations of the Anne Frank House Travel Exhibition and the chronology and artefacts of the museum. It also has two seminar rooms for educational projects.

We hope that Rev. Stuvik will refer to the role of non-Jews in helping the Jews during the Holocaust, and to help create a community of “advanced people.”

“We are in the deep south – we are not a big, cosmopolitan city,” said Rabbi Jonathan Case, spiritual leader of the Beth Shalom Synagogue in Colombia. “We are representatives of Central America, where the expression of the Holocaust led to the Holocaust and there is a serious need for education for genocide in general.”

“A small group of extraordinary and ordinary people kept the Frank family alive for more than two years and endangered their lives,” said Mr Central Manager. Stewick said. “I hope this inspires us to think about what we can all do together to make the world a better place.”

Source: Forward & Valley of Israel

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