Quick relaxation requested: Shows may be canceled at the Videotron Center

Quick relaxation requested: Shows may be canceled at the Videotron Center

The boss of the Videotrone Center says that if the Quebec government does not announce major relaxations to the performance halls soon, the major concerts scheduled for 2022 will be canceled.

Martin Tremble wants an audience limit of 7,500 at the moment, and 500 should drop to areas with independent entrances.

“By 2022, if there are more restrictive measures, we will lose our biggest performances. The government has implemented the vaccine passport. We will manage this level and forget the total capacity levels,” the COO of the Quebec Sports and Entertainment Group stressed.

Mr. Tremble responded to Culture Minister Natalie Roy’s words MagazineYesterday he wanted to recommend public hygiene to increase the general vaccination rate and the number of visitors wearing the mask.

“The cultural environment is impeccable. No evidence of pollution comes from a scene. Even public health mentions it. We are institutional experts,” Mr Tremblay argues.

A show

According to him, agents of international artists are all asking during talks for a concert at the Videotron Center what activities are taking place in Quebec.

Currently, only one show, Megadeth, is scheduled for October 2, 2021, at the VideoTron Center. It has not yet been postponed or canceled.

“The entire US tour is over. For three Canadian dates (Toronto, Montreal and Quebec), the team inquired about public health activities. They will make a decision accordingly,” Mr Tremblay said.

Anger Luke Combs’ visit in March was announced yesterday, Mark Dupree, Isabelle Boyle, Laura Fabian, Roger Waters and the Backstreet Boys are set to perform at the Videotron Center in 2022.

“We’re going to have one of our best years in 2022, but it depends on what the government gives us,” Martin Tremble said.

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