Paris does not see how Australia can be “trusted,” the foreign secretary for European affairs promises

Paris does not see how Australia can be “trusted,” the foreign secretary for European affairs promises

“If we don’t have faith anymore, we can no longer move forward”, Clement Beyoncக்கிழமை said Thursday, the day after the announcement of the breach of the “agreement of the century” that was to bring 56 billion to France.

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The end of the trust agreement? After Australia violated a deal to buy 12 submarines for ில்லியன் 56 billion, France did not see it “How can we trust an Australian partner”, Clement Peon announced during a program on RFI radio and television stations France 24 and the General Senate on Friday, September 17th. “This is a serious breach of trust in Australia”, Promised the Secretary of State for European Affairs. “International relations are not naive, good feelings, but the word, it’s worth signing the agreement. If we do not have faith, we can no longer move forward.”, He estimated.

For its part, the European Commission, which has been responsible for negotiating free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand since 2018, has questioned the controversy. She played it safe. “Discussions and relations with Australia will not have an immediate effect”, Said her deputy spokeswoman Dana Spinant.

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