Paris did not see how to "trust" Canberra

Paris did not see how to “trust” Canberra

France does not see how Canberra can be trusted in trade talks between the European Union and Australia After their decision to violate their commitment to purchase French submarines, Foreign Minister for European Affairs Clement Bonn said on Friday.

Peon emphasizes the word “given”

“We are in trade talks with Australia and I do not know how to trust the Australian partner,” Clement Bonn announced the day after the event on RFI radio and France 24 and public Senate television. Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom cancel the French treaty.

“This is a serious breach of trust in Australia,” he said. “International relations, it’s not naive, not good feelings, but the word, it’s worth signing a contract. If we do not have confidence, we can not move forward anymore,” he thinks.

European Commission warning

The European Commission has been responsible for negotiating free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand since 2018. When asked on Thursday about the implications of France’s anger at talks between the European Union and Australia over the end of the free trade agreement, the commission played safe. “Discussions and relations with Australia will not have an immediate effect,” said Deputy Commissioner Spokeswoman Dana Spinant.

The announcement of the AUKUS security alliance, which will help Washington and London acquire the Canberra nuclear attack submarines, has angered France, which has signed a multi-billion dollar deal. Canceled.

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