France recalls US and Australian ambassadors over security deal

France recalls US and Australian ambassadors over security deal

France recalls its ambassadors from the United States and Australia New security agreement Between those two countries and the UK. Part of the deal is that Australia buys US nuclear submarines and cancels a $ 40 billion submarine order with France.

Foreign Minister Le Trian spoke of “unacceptable behavior” and stressed in his statement that the recall of ambassadors was an “exceptional decision”.

The three Anglo-Saxon nations will share information about advanced technologies and security through a new partnership. The deal is seen as a move to unite against China.

Trump-like decision

Australia has already signed an agreement in 2016 with the French shipbuilding fleet to build a new submarine fleet. That deal was reaffirmed two weeks ago.

The AP news agency quoted anonymous sources as saying that French Prime Minister Macron had been told by French Prime Minister Morrison on Wednesday morning that the submarine deal would be canceled.

Lee Tryon reacted angrily to the announcement yesterday. “Partners don’t do this,” he said. “This terrible and unpredictable decision reminds me of what President Trump did.” He got it too Support From EU Foreign Coordinator Borel, he was unaware of the British-US-Australian chat.

Australian Foreign Minister Maurice Payne today said he understood the French misunderstanding. “But we will continue to work creatively with our French colleagues,” he promised.

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