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Trae Young Wilson NBA 26 juillet 2021

Courage, our patience will soon be rewarded. In a month, we will be celebrating with something new! Beginning with the 2021-22 season, Wilson Balls will be jumping back from the NBA’s glossy bases in the United States and beyond. Choice of heart and history in memory of the first leather supplier to the Great League.

The magic of basketball is that it does not take much time to play. More or less flat ground, a goal, preferably round, and a ball: Tray Young does not need to imagine and dream instead of smashing the next NBA Final game winner. Whether we start at home, on the playground, in the playground or at a club with a basket of more than three apples, we all remember what our first orange ball was like. For the NBA, that’s exactly right. The association has decided to completely bite its Proust Madeline to produce Wilson from next academic year. From the emergence of the Great League in 1946 until this break in 1983, the association created many memories with these leather balloons, which is a testament to Kyrie’s knowledge. The first basket in the history of Oscar Sketchman scoring on November 1, 1946, Wild Chamberlain’s 100 points against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962, 11 Celtics titles were awarded between 1957 and 1969 or even the folded hands of Kareem Abdul-Jabber The first title of Bucks owner in 1971, Common to all is the Wilson-named ball.

Whether playing outside or hot inside, Wilson has planned everything with different models of balls for the surface you play on and your favorite team. An expert in all types of blows, the Chicago-based company knows the styles of all players and you can inevitably find the range you need. New Wilson x NBA Balls :

  • The NBA Team Tribute And this NBA Team Alliance For fans who are bloodied in the colors of their owners and want to represent it in all situations. 30 groups are obviously available so no one can be envied and even the Magic or Kings fan forum can watch the fun! The range of retro mini balloons Designed to fit you and the whole family by going to the playground and promoting good values ​​directly to young basketball players.
  • The NBA All-Team And this NBA All-Team Made For outdoor coaches. The innovative design and combination of high performance materials ensures grip on all surfaces. It would be perfect to play in Grandpa’s barn as well as the neighborhood tar playground. There are 30 logos to edit the basics by attaching strings. What is already the fifth team in the Pacific division?
  • The Outside the NBA actual series Its toxin envelope for all-terrain bowlers who go to the playground every day, in the wind or snow. Like the ball used in the NBA, it offers extra thickness for final grip in all weather conditions and exceptional durability and longevity on the outside. Also available in indoor + outdoor version for players Everywhere Those who do not go out without their ball. The latter features Everbounce technology and a pure sense finish like Broiler.
  • The NBA Official Ball Made of genuine leather with its dyed color. This is the ball that is used every day to meet the demands of the best players on the planet on the floors of the Great League. Rolls-Royce of basketball with crisp bounce and a soft feel. The key to the gymnasium or go out on special occasions for players accessing the nice soft parquet floor. Lucky you guys!

Already in NCAA, WNBA, BAL or 3 × 3 matches, Wilson Balls is calling NBA theaters again. All future actions of jumping out of your bed at midnight will now be done This large Wilson orange ball will be signed by Commissioner Adam Silver in accordance with Traditional Order. So, shall we meet on the field?

Text source: Wilson

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