“We need to share monthly distribution details”, (ohms)

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Transparency in vaccine distribution: “We need to share details in monthly distributions”, (Oms)

The 4th meeting of the Working Group of Multidisciplinary Leaders for Measuring Covit-19 Instruments was held on September 16, 2021. An opportunity for the task force to emphasize transparency in vaccine distribution.

“Vaccine manufacturers should share details of the monthly supply schedule for all vaccine exports, especially Kovacs and Avad.” In his comments, the WHO has called for a ban on booster doses until the end of 2021, with the exception of those with compromised immune systems, to help improve delivery to low-income countries. “We need to remove export restrictions and restrictions,” the statement said.

The Working Group calls on all groups to “immediately deal with the export restrictions on Covid 19 vaccines and essential raw materials, higher tariffs and tariffs”. This dose is to ensure that they are available to countries that need them most, especially low- and low-middle-income countries.

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