One nurse gave salt instead of the vaccine, and now it is being reimbursed to 10,000 people

One nurse gave salt instead of the vaccine, and now it is being reimbursed to 10,000 people

According to the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) Regional Public Service Media Agency in the northwest of the country, In the Friesland district, 10,183 people have already been called upon to repeat the vaccine, and a new call is being reimbursed..

Anyone who needs another vaccine can get 35 and two doses can get € 50.

Vaccination should be repeated because it is one of the vaccination centers in Scordens Her nurse admitted that she had accidentally broken an ampoule of the vaccine, but did not report her mistake, but absorbed the remaining six syringes from the used ampoules..

Following the incident in April, the nurse was fired and prosecuted. After several months of investigation, the police found it He may have handled the serum incessantly. Therefore, the district administration office recalled all those who had been vaccinated at the center during the operation of the nurse who was suspected of having malaise.

At the beginning of the scandal, according to the nurse’s testimony, the victims could only get salt instead of the vaccine, officials said. In the meantime, the data has been clarified and the new version is all about it The nurse mixed the residue from the ampoules used to dilute the vaccine..

In addition to the number of persons involved and the exact circumstances of the case, the background is also uncertain. This is not a bad move, but a political motive. The investigative team working to investigate the case did not deny that the real motivation was anti-vaccine, or at least a critical approach to vaccination. Several posts by the nurse on social websites point to this. He denied the motive through the suspect’s lawyer.

In Germany, the federal government on Friday summarized 105.2 million doses of the vaccine during a 266-day vaccination campaign. 67 percent of the population – 55,703,730 people – and 62.8 percent of the population – were given at least one dose of 52,245,087.

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