Lil Wayne signs Haitian-American rapper for young money

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The joy of thin rocks is at its peak! Comes from a Haitian-American artist Signer Famous rapper and businessman Lil Wayne with the Young Money label.

The rapper made the announcement through photos and video posted on his Instagram account on Monday. In this video you can see the happy superstar rejoicing after the happy event.

“Dreams come true! I really worked, it’s not luck,” wrote the young woman, who holds a special place on her Instagram profile for the Haitian flag.

With this signing, Rox officially became the second rapper to sign this prestigious label, after Nicki Minaj in 2009, according to

The two stars of the label, Lil Wayne and McMain, welcomed the new team to their team with a frozen Young Money Channel and a bag full of $ 100,000.

The event was commemorated Sunday night in LIV Miami with a wonderful signed night.

Mello Rocks is one of many artists, and Lil Wayne hopes to shine in the world of entertainment. In March, Revolver reported that the rapper had announced that all of his new signatories would be featured on the upcoming Young Money collection album.

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