In London, a Hindu temple vaccinated 50,000 residents

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Nyston Temple, one of the largest Hindu temples in Britain, has temporarily become one of the largest vaccination centers in the UK.

The Hindu temple has become a vaccination center

Opened in 1996, the magnificent building, made of Bulgarian marble and limestone, has had a very different decoration from the altars for many months. In fact, the monument in the London Borough of Brent has temporarily become an NHS vaccination center and has already delivered more than 80,000 Govt vaccines since February.

The temple provides this service and its facilities to support the government’s vaccination campaign. Thanks to its team of 15 to 20 volunteers, the center can provide 1,200 doses of vaccines a day to ensure the site is functioning properly.

On the temple’s website, we read that the initiative has already managed to vaccinate 50,000 residents in the district. Niba Patel, a spokeswoman for the shrine, said the move was prompted by the Hindu faith, which seeks to help others.

The religious association says its motives are driven by large numbers of people from ethnic minorities who are reluctant to be vaccinated. To reassure them and inform them as much as possible, the organization surrounds itself with staff who can speak both English and Hindi.

In addition to its temporary vaccination center, the temple has also set up its parking lot to set up an antigen testing center.

Home Minister in front of the London Hindu Temple

Home Minister Priti Patel, who visited the center in February, was moved by the solidarity shown by the center’s volunteers during these difficult times. She thanked me. ” The volunteers who made this national initiative possible », It is an addition Heroic attempt to save lives “So far” Vaccination saves your life and the lives of others .

The temple exports its aid internationally

The temple’s commitment to the fight against the Kovit-19 epidemic is not limited to English borders: in addition to distributing vaccines, the temple has raised more than £ 720,000 to control the epidemic in India since April. In two days, 600 600,000 was even raised during the Lives Save Lives fundraiser. Volunteers who took part in the latter race alternated between 48 hours using standard bikes with the aim of marking 20 127 kilometers between London and Delhi. Funds raised on the occasion helped send about 27 tonnes of equipment, including hundreds of oxygen cylinders, respirators and medical equipment donated by the Indian High Commission in London.

A person riding a bicycle in front of a Hindu temple

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