If Tokeville returns to the United States, will he recognize her?

If Tokeville returns to the United States, will he recognize her?

To analyze –Les Conversations in Dockville, co-organized Lee Figaro Open in Tokeville this Friday. On the menu, several echoes of the future of democracy in the United States and the American crisis in Europe.

Les Conversations in Dockville, co-organized Lee Figaro, The Tokville Foundation, the Atlantic Council and the Friedrich N manmann Foundation for Freedom, the Normandy Region, the Manche Department, the Coordinating Coordinating Branch, the French American Foundation and Zenger News are all set to open in Dockville this Friday.

And In Alexis de Toquille Will he come back to America and will he recognize her? Of course, the permeable spirit that the Norman philosopher, preferably described in 1840, would fly away with the dangers of the democratic age and the change of country in two centuries. But he will not fail to notice the significant signs of decline and the democratic crisis: the growing division between the conservative middle class and the liberal coastal nation and the countries above and below, the development of inequalities.

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