“Dancing with the Stars” Season 11: Dance with Innovation

"Dancing with the Stars" Season 11: Dance with Innovation

Two years later, La Une decided to “restart” its dance show. With the arrival of the stylist the jury gets a change Jean-Paul Goldier Next Chris Marx, Dancer Denitsa Ikonomov And Francois AluProminent dancer of the Paris Opera Ballet.

Jean-Paul Goldier is a complete DALS fan from the first season. He knows the show better than I do!2, interests Camille Campbell, It happens automatically Karen Ferry Confirming the second part of the evening. It also hired five new dancers, including the production Coralie Lisada, Wife of Christophe Lycada, regular in the competition.

Another novelty is that the signs of famous judges are disappearing. Marks will be displayed on a screen behind each judge. Technical reference and art reference go along the roadside in support of the overall assessment. Judges, now everyone is sitting in a chair The voice, Can cause a stir for couples and send them directly to the final stage of prime time. But from the third week on, the buzz turns into a permit, sending a couple directly to the last chance.

Acting Page, American Dancer and Fantastic Queen, Tida van Dees, To give new charm. As for the singer with the androgenic look, Bilal Hasani, Candidate for Eurovision in 2019, he was asked to dance with a man. Never seen on the show.

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