Clippers reveal the name of their future location, the first stone of which is being laid today

Clippers reveal the name of their future location, the first stone of which is being laid today

Today, the Los Angeles Clippers are officially laying the groundwork for their new location in England. During this ceremony, a ceremony will be held in the presence of others Steve Palmer, Kavi Leonard, Paul George, Gillian Zucker, Tyrone Lowe, And the Mayor of Inglewood James Butts. The license has already announced the name of this future location, TheInto the dome.

Clippers have actually signed a 23-year joint venture with Induit Inc., which will give the place its name for the next 23 years. Room to open in 2023-24 season.

Indoot Inc. is an American company that develops management and accounting solutions for small businesses, accountants and individuals. He is the author of the SAAS online financial management solution, especially for TurboTox, and QuickBooks.

Through the partnership, Indute and Clippers declare that they can “better manage their businesses by creating new programs to revitalize the local economy and local businesses, creating jobs and educating entrepreneurs.” INDUT will donate $ 1 million to schools in underdeveloped districts over the next 3 years.

As for the hall, Clippers says it is designed to create a unique experience for fans, including “The Wall”, which has 51 unallocated seats, including a section reserved for supporters.

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