Besancon. Journey to Latin America with Atma Band Emiya

Emma, ​​the world soul trio from Besanோon, has released her first album, “L’enwol” with Solar Atmosphere. To celebrate the event, a concert is scheduled for Friday, September 17 from 7pm in the Boston Room.

Birth among the Govt

Global epidemics and subsequent imprisonment have not always been in vain for the creation of art. This is the case with the Emma group, which was born during this particular period. Shortly before these events, Manon Corochano, singer, lived in Brazil. “I had to rush to France because the border was closed. We hired our drummer, along with pianist and producer Mathis Bouvert-Agenzin. Together, we refined our plan during this long month in prison.”

Sing about love and hope

Hope, nature, love, dreams and travel are the Emma team’s favorite themes. “In our songs, we can find many languages. There are Portuguese, Spanish, English and French. But what I want to convey to the audience is that there is only one language: that of love and hope,” explains the singer, who is also our single. , Tudo Pem, a song that inspires us to be positive despite the current situation. I try to invite people to create their better world with thought. “

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Manan Korochano was born in Besanon and grew up in Vesuvius. It was during a trip to Latin America that the young woman learned to play Ukulele. In her various stages, she performed in restaurants and on the street. Since then, her love of music and the stage has not left her.

Manon Corrozano will be playing to celebrate the release of his new album “The Flight” after the summer’s full-length concert, including a notable show at Fimu in Belfort last weekend.

Meet this Friday, September 17, at 7pm at the castle in Besanோon. Entrance 5. Taste of free tapas.

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