Václav Havel’s first bench in Latin America was released in Peru

Václav Havel's first bench in Latin America was released in Peru

At the same time, the opening of the monument in Lima opened Weklow Havel Week, a series of cultural and social events based on the work of the former president.

For example, the first scene of the audience play will be the opening of a photo exhibition commemorating Howell’s life, a political legacy and the screening of a literary work or Howell film.

Takmar Havelovi unveiled the bench of Vaklav Havel in Lima, Peru.

Photo: Twitter / Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

According to the ministry, the inauguration ceremony was attended by representatives of ambassadors from South Korea, Hungary, Mexico, Greece, the United States, the European Union and Poland, as well as more than 100 guests, including former Peruvian Prime Minister Pedro. Catarino.

“The ideas and traditions of Weklow Havel are identical, not superior, and are even more important today than they were at the time they were written,” said Ambassador Setleek.

“The embassy of the Czech Republic in Peru has prepared a plan for the Peruvian audience, which will introduce Veklov Havel as a dissident, playwright and president and defender of human rights,” Sedlik said.

Wiglow Havel’s benches are located in various locations around the world, for example in the United States, Ireland, Spain, Slovakia, Italy or Israel.

Barque del Libro in the Miraflores district.

Photo: Profimedia.cz

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