Submarines: Australia breaks record deal at Cherbourg

Submarines: Australia breaks record deal at Cherbourg

This is the deal of the century in Cherbourg. The news fell like a hammer to the citizens. “This is a disaster for Cherbourg”; “Everything around the economy is over. Everything is over,” the people of Cherbourg complain. The deal is worth 56 56 billion and 600 jobs are at stake. The city especially welcomed the hundred Australian families. Annick, a shopkeeper, could not believe it. “Cherberg made a lot of efforts to welcome Australians who were beautiful people. I do not understand Australia’s action,” he says.

Twelve traditionally operated submarines are therefore not built by the Navy. The question all Cherbourg residents ask themselves is: What is the status of the staff dedicated to this contract? According to Vincent Hurley, a representative of the company’s CGT, the breach of contract was not surprising to management, he expected. The mayor of Cerberg says he is ready to jump again. Australia has signed a new agreement with the United Kingdom and the United States to build submarines.

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