Retirement at age 50: Who can access it and how to apply for a pension

Retirement at age 50: Who can access it and how to apply for a pension
Early retirement is now available in 50s Photo: Andean Agency
Early retirement is now available in 50s Photo: Andean Agency

Retirement in the 50s is possible in Peru. From September 1, Act 31332 came into force, establishing 50 years Minimum age, For both men and women associated with pension fund managers (AFP), To access Special Early Pension Scheme (Reza), There are requirements that each user must meet, and we will tell you about it here.

Change in New Will allow Rest Advanced, but must meet the following requirements:

1. What At the time of requesting the offer, the minimum age is 50 years congratulations.

2. Retirement continues when a member over the age of 50 decides, If you receive a pension equal to or greater than 40% of the average of the salary received and declared income for the last 120 months, Subtracting regularly renewed compensation.

3. To calculate the above pension, voluntary contributions for retirement purposes or retirement purposes shall not be considered as more than 20% of the personal account for the capital of compulsory contributions with less than nine months gold in the CIC.

To make it clear Early retirement gives you the right to redeem the accreditation bonus after two years for your foster care Oh When the member reaches 65 years of age, Which comes first; Funds in the combined personal capital account even if previously exhausted and with prior information AFP Of eligible subsidiaries to access the program

Types of recovery

You should consider whether you can access the pension in this type of advance pension. Upon withdrawal of 95.5% of the total pension fund Or access to withdraw a portion of the funds and retire with the remaining balance.

If 95.5% of the pension fund is claimed, The remaining 4.5% will be for health benefits coverage Provided by Community Health Insurance (EsSalud).

Steps for Early Restoration


To find out if you are applying for retirement early, you should check your status at the AFP to which you are affiliated, so you can get in touch via the following phone links:

-AFP Habitat: Call 230-2200 (Lima) or 0801-14224 (Provinces).

For Prima AFP: Call 615-7272- Option 1 (Lima) or 0801-18010 (Provinces).

For -AFP integration: Call 513-5050 (Lima) or 0800-40110 (Provinces).

For Profuro: Call 215-2828 (Lima) or 0800-11434 (Provinces).


After that, you can apply for a pension in advance.

Early Retirement Act

Chairman of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alva Preto, The signing of the law was announced in early August, lowering the minimum age to 50 years Access to the Special Early Pension Scheme (REJA) in the Private Pension System (SPP).

The initiative was approved by the previous parliament at its full session on July 2 and was not noticed by the executive within the legal period.

“After the statutory term for executive power must pronounce itself and there is no observation, the legislative power must declare it,” Alva Prieto declared.

The autograph, known as the Reza Act, “establishes the retirement age of 50 early, and is a law that will benefit many comrades in this difficult situation,” the Speaker said.

How to evaluate my data

Before specifying the procedure to follow, you must remember that you must be continuously unemployed for 12 months or more. You should contact the AFP to confirm that you are applying for this rule, in which you will contribute to verify your position.

Members may receive a pension until it is equal to or greater than the average of the amount of the pension and the average of the declared income for the last 120 months.

You can make your query online or over the phone at AFP Habitat, Before, Integra And Professional.

All Peru All three of these options are enabled to access your funds:

– Pension pension.

– 95.5% withdrawal of total funds.

Withdrawal of a portion of the fund and pension with the remaining balance.

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