Playstation Fuit Par Erreur Destroy All Humans! 2 Refaire

PlayStation leaks and destroys all humans! 2 Repeat

PlayStation left the hand. The Japanese company has revealed that there is a plan that is not officially known. It’s about destroying all humans! 2 was condemned, which appeared on the official Sony corporate Twitter account. The tweet has already been deleted, but the user IdleSloth84 was quick and able to save the trailer, you can see below these lines. In addition, the first films also appeared.

Although official information has not yet been provided by THQ Nordic, the video suggests that the Fortress publisher will follow suit set by the remake of the first game. That is, they are true to the original content, but can significantly improve the audiovisual segment. In the game, the players push themselves back into the skin of the invaders, whose purpose can be guessed simply by reading the title: to destroy humanity once and for all. To do this, we can use all kinds of weapons of mass destruction.

A story that penetrated history

Destroy All Humans Saga is one of the hallmarks of the old THQ, which released its various episodes in the early years of the new millennium. The titles are humorous and have a cartoonish visual design. When the American company went bankrupt, its licenses went to the companies that bought them. In the case of this series, THQ Nordic also took the company name.

Destroy all humans! The remake went on sale in 2020 last year. At NetCost-Security we gave a rating of 7 and came to the conclusion that the studio was able to capture the essence of the original product, some of the algorithms were somewhat obsolete.

Origin | Game Bolt, Idolslot 84 (Twitter)

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