Lillard’s favorite destination if there is a known trade!

Les 2 franchises qui avaient les faveurs de Damian Lillard en 2017 NBA

Damien Lillard recently announced that he plans to stay in Portland, but things could change quickly in the NBA. Another drastic defeat in the playoffs, he could change his mind. If so, he would have received Already An owner at Viewfinder.

The future Damien Lillard Seems to have been taken: He will stay with Blazers. But how long will his iron last, someone who has already been dealing with disappointments for many seasons? In his last five games in the playoffs, he has only qualified once in the first round, which is unworthy of this talented player. Most of the time, he is not particularly to blame, which should be a source of frustration.

In fact, its leaders struggle to round it up with quality players. It’s so simple, he can’t trust another All-Star’s help, which is especially felt in the best moments. CJ McCullum is a good player, but he has repeatedly shown that he cannot accept the role of luxury lieutenant on a team with ambition.

If failures follow each other in the future, the leader may set aside his unshakable allegiance and ask for a trade. He will become one of the most coveted players in the league, and Stephen A. According to Smith, he will have a preferred target if he leaves. Unlike many other stars, Dame is ready to take the Nix to the top.

Damien Lillard firmly believes that playing in New York can attract big names with him. He doesn’t want to join a super team, he wants to create his own if he decides to go down this path one day. He thinks other players will want to come with him if he is not in an area like the Northwest.

Stephen A. If Smith is right, Damien Lillard has been waiting for help for years, even recruiting soldiers, but no one wants to promise Portland, a much quieter and more isolated city than some big metropolis. Between Oregon and New York, the selection for the millionaire athletes who want to feast is made soon.

For now the question does not arise anyway, because Damien Lillard will start a new season with his blazers. He will try to bring his own back to the playoffs, which can be complicated at a difficult conference like this. The Warriors will return to a top 8 spot, so watch out for Portland.

Damien Lillard will finally get the attention he needs at the Big Apple. After all, he will be in an optimal position Team For the title! I want to see if he dares to pack his bags one day.

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