After his tough summer, Dennis Schroeder humiliated himself

Le meneur NBA des Boston Celtics, Dennis Schröder, a enfin réagi aux nombreuses critiques qu'il subit depuis des jours sur son contrat dans sa nouvelle franchise

After his now-popular refusal to expand for the Lakers, Dennis Schrder spent a very painful season being ridiculed from all sides. But now in Boston, the Germans have decided that there is nothing better than self-whipping. This is a fair game!

No doubt: Dennis Schrடர்der entered the top 10 worst results in free agency history. Rejecting $ 84 million in 4 years and finally signing a deal in Boston for less than $ 6 million, the leader clearly lost control. Now he has to return to work next summer to earn a good deal.

The DS17 took its failure well, digested it well, and is determined to shut its mouth in the coming season. Except, He was especially sharp in the summer, A sign of the immense work he did to make us forget his failure.

Another sign that Schrder is recovering? He laughs to himself! On Instagram, especially the former Thunder and Hawks player did not hesitate to accept his position as the laughing stock of the summer, and laughed at it:

I will only do this once! Insert your best joke: “He lost his money”

This is my birthday 🥳🎈 so let’s finish it once and get back to business. J. As Cole says: “Some men make millions, others make memes”

Apparently in a good mood, Schrder put the jokes associated with this episode behind him. After all, the Germans can still laugh: he will play for a revenge team that aims to take first place in the East, which requires his leadership skills. Now he is about to step out of the season of his life and get a big check and a lasting contract next year.

Dennis Schrder finally overcame the shock of his free agency, which is so much better this way. In order to cast out his demons for sure, we openly wish him every victory in Boston!

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