51 percent computer science seat

51 percent computer science seat

The convener allocation for CSE related courses is 34,129
ECE is in second place with 12,582 seats
Status of engineering sites in the state

Today, Hyderabad: If a student says he is studying B.Tech, there is no need to ask specifically which branch in the state it is. This is because more than half of the engineering seats in the state are in Computer Science Engineering (CSE), the new branch of the course. In addition, most students prefer computer science. As a result, about 95 percent of seats are changed. CSE places are among the most vulnerable colleges. This time out of a total of 45 engineering branches, there are 66,290 seats in the convener quota, of which 16,801 are CSE seats. There are a total of 34,129 locations in other related branches including IT, AI & ML, Data Science, Cyber ​​Security. This equates to 51 percent. The annual convener quota has 65,000 to 70,000 seats, of which only 48,000 seats are transferred. This system CSE locations are similar to those in EEE, Civil and Mechanical branches. 10 per cent seats under EWS quota … an increase of 6,629. CSE and related seats will increase by 34,129 and 3,412 seats respectively. This brings the total number of computer-related seats to 37,541.

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